Edge Protectors / Corner Protectors

Corner Protectors – Plastic

Plastic Pallet Corner Protectors / Edge Protectors are used in conjunction with ratchet straps to protect the edges of loads from banding damage and also to protect the strapping from sharp edges which can cause abrasion. Edge Protectors and Wear Sleeves can extend the life of a ratchet strap.

GTF® are leading UK suppliers of corner protectors and stock various types of corner protection to suit the majority of loads. The CP60 and CP800 range are used in applications where it is important to protect the edge of the load, such as Paper and Plasterboard. The CP800 is also used to protect the webbing straps when carrying loads such as bricks and being 800mm wide spans the width of a Euro pallet.

GTF® stock much longer corner boards that can span more than one pallet width, the heavy duty protectors CP2400 are 2.4m long, they are used on brick and block loads and can span 3 Euro pallets. We also stock 1.15m corner protectors.

Corner Protectors – Cellulose / Polythene Recycled

GTF® also stock an corner protector that is a high strength, moisture resistant and made from recycled paper and plastic. It is made from a cellulose/ Polyethylene base composite and wrapped in cardboard. Because of this it can be exposed to moisture for long periods without deteriorating. CPC300 and CPC800

Mounty Applicator

We now are also able to provide the Mounty Applicator a device for placing the CP60 edges whilst standing on the ground which therefore removes the need for working platforms and ladders. It can also be used to move and position the webbing and because this is done from the ground speeds up load times, thus increasing productivity and therefore profit. The Mounty Applicator is sold in two parts, the Mounty Head and the Mounty Pole. Our range of Mounty products include the M-FORK, M-BROOM, M-HEAD, M-HEAD-MR, M-POLE.

Wear Sleeves

GTF® also manufacture wear sleeves in various widths suitable for all our ratchet straps. If you are unable to place an edge protector on to a load then may be a wear sleeve is an alternative option. Wear Sleeves are designed to protect Ratchet Straps from abrasion on sharp edges, GTF can supply 60mm, 75mm, 90mm and 120mm wide wear sleeves, bespoke wear sleeves can also be manufactured.

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