Mounty Pole (M-POLE)


Mounty Pole – used with Mounty Applicators, Throws, Forks and Brooms

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Mounty Pole

The Mounty Pole is used in conjunction with a Mounty Head to place CP60 corner protectors onto loaded pallets without the need to climb onto truck or trailer bodies. The Pole is made from high quality fibre glass tubing incorporating a further aluminum extension piece.

The M-POLE allows most loaders to place edge protectors to a height up to 4.2m from ground level. With the Pole there is no need for platforms or ladders or any need to climb onto the load thus avoiding falls from workplace vehicles.  The pole itself will extend from 1.2m to 2.4m (4′-8′).

Each pole comes with a removable and universally threaded adaptor designed to screw into Mounty Heads and other equipment. The Mounty heads come in two sizes, M-HEAD that is used for the smaller edge protectors and the M-HEAD-MR for the larger wider ones

Also available in 1.2m and 3.6m options.

A full explanation of the Mounty Applicator can be found here

Our range of Mounty Products include the M-BROOMM-HEADM-HEAD-MRM-POLE , M-THROW and our range our Corner Protectors. New to the range is our Strap Thrower which allows straps to be jettisoned over the load whilst still standing on the ground.

Mounty Applicator – Quick How To Guide

The Mounty Applicator Head (M-HEAD) and the wider (M-HEAD-MR) connects to most poles featuring an ACME threaded end.  However, it does not connect to the CargoStop ProPole which uses a unique connector specifically designed only for use with the CargoStop range of products.

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